The Honcho – Quality and Innovation Unmatched

The Honcho – Quality and Innovation Unmatched

While at the 2018 USPSA Optics Nationals, I overheard an RO saying something that really bothered me. He said that he had heard about The Honcho on more than one occasion, but that he still knew very little about its capabilities and why it was so special. I cringed. If he didn’t know, then who else might be just as ill informed? After all, The Honcho is more than just another double stack. The Honcho is a premium quality, innovative, one-of-a-kind game changer and everyone who shoots competitively deserves to know about what it can do. So let’s get down to business.

Shoot Multiple Divisions
One of the best (and probably most innovative) features of The Honcho is the fact that you can shoot both Limited and Open divisions with the same gun. The Honcho uses the same slide, frame and grip and maintains the same trigger pull across all divisions and calibers (that’s right, it can shoot more than one caliber). This allows you to have consistency across divisions because your gun always feels the same because it is! Shooting the same gun with the same feel every time you dry fire, practice and shoot matches, regardless of which division it is, is guaranteed to provide an improvement in your game.

To see just how easy it is to switch from Open to Limited, check out this video:

Shoot Multiple Calibers
The next huge feature is the complete absence of Loctite. Since The Honcho is Loctite free, you are able to shoot multiple calibers. Shoot whichever caliber you prefer! You can shoot 9mm at local matches and 38SC at major matches, shoot .40 for major scoring in USPSA or shoot 9mm with a sight block in 3-Gun.

Linkless Barrell
The Honcho also sports linkless barrel technology, which essentially means the absence of the traditional link. This offers a more solid lockup. It also means that the barrel isn’t pivoting on the link, which is the cheapest part of the gun.

Shoots Soft, Shoots Flat
Right up there with the features above is how The Honcho shoots: Flat. Incredibly flat. In fact, it shoots so softly that it has been said by many who have shot it that it makes major feel like minor. If you don’t know the benefits of a gun shooting that softly, then I’m not sure why you’re even reading this.

The Honcho is available in either Race Ready or 3-Gun format. The great team at Phoenix Trinity also provides the option for The Honcho to come in a high-end protective case with custom foam inserts and complete magazine sets in each caliber so you will have everything you need to hit the range in style.

Designed and Manufactured by the Best
If all that wasn’t enough, factor in that every part is designed and created in-house by the master machinists at Phoenix Trinity, the home of the EVO Grip, where each part is machined to incredibly tight tolerances.

So there you have it. A double stack that does more and does it better. What else do you need to know?