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5 Years

Robert Powell

Robert considers himself to be the founding / O.G. member of Team Trinity and has been shooting professionally since 2013. Since starting, he has now shot over 100 majors, shooting in the Open division as a Master. Robert’s favorite match to shoot is Nationals because this is the one match you get to shoot against the top shooter’s in the World.

Robert’s advice to new shooters: “To take a class with a top level shooter that is respected amongst their peers in the shooting community.  This will allow you to learn the proper material and techniques, so that when you practice you are focusing on the right things.  USPSA is a math game and you don’t have to win every stage or shoot the fastest splits, in order to win.”

Robert’s current gun setup is 38 super comp Phoenix Trinity open gun with 3 poppel holes.  For ammo he uses 124 Precision Delta JHP’s with CFE powder.  He prefers the C-More aluminum setup with 6moa dot for technical matches and 8moa for steel and “hoser” style matches.

In his spare time Robert enjoys drag racing his Corvette when not shooting and spending time with our 2 newly adopted daughters.  “One day they will be able to shoot with me is the long term plan.”