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Jennifer Petty

Jennifer has been shooting competitively since 2015. Since then, she’s competed in around 140 USPSA matches, a handful of steel challenge matches, and at least a couple 3 gun matches a year.

When it comes to the divisions Jennifer shoots, she says “Open is my jam, I shoot that for all the biggies and for 3 Gun. Living that Dot Life.” She also enjoys limited here and there, and single stack for just for funzies.

Jennifer shot The Mississippi Classic in 2018 and that was a super fun match and thinks it just might be her new favorite. Good people, great comradery, and the stages were difficult enough to present a challenge, but still fun enough to satisfy her “I just want to go fast” attitude. Other top contenders are the LA Gator Classic, and South Carolina State Sectional.

Jennifer’s two tips for new shooters:

  1. Take the time to learn your equipment and get really comfortable with it. If you aren’t a gunsmith or have a lot of experience, have someone you trust look at things you have questions about and don’t be scared to say something isn’t linking up, and personalize or modify something to make it work best for you, as long as it’s safe.
  2. Don’t quit. Quitting is for quitters. Make lists of things to work on OFF the match stage and leave the frustration there until it’s time to do work on the practice range. This is supposed to be FUN! Just don’t give up, you got this. (This does not, however, mean waste all your bullets on a single piece of steel, in that case… just leave it. Trust me…)

Jennifer’s current gun setup:

Honcho Race Ready in Open configuration

Jennifer likes to fill her time off the range with family and friends. She loves watching football and hanging on Sundays with her nephew (aka Baby Chuckles) and at some point she’s going to get some time to go fishing, and maybe shoot at a real animal instead of paper targets.