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1 Year

Richard “Hoppy” Hopkinson

Hoppy was officially presented with his PT jersey in Las Vegas in January 2018 at Shot Show. He has been shooting since 1987 but he started shooting professionally about 8 years ago which is also when he started lots of regional and international travel representing the Customs Department and Trinidad and Tobago. In 2006 Hoppy started training customs officials as a special weapons and tactics instructor and defensive tactics instructor. He found top instructors from around the world to train with, such as Max Michel, Ron Brown, Eric Grauffel and more. He has found that training with these top shooters always affords you something new.
Hoppy has competed regionally and internationally in over 100 matches in Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados, Suriname, Jamaica, USA, Aruba and more.

Hoppy started shooting in Production, moved to Limited and now shoots Open. Hoppy enjoys shooting the IPSC and USPSA Nationals and also loves shooting in Jamaica and Aruba.

Hoppy’s advice to new shooters: “Stick to getting techniques down as perfect as possible. Video tape your training and matches so you are able to critique yourself and document all thats done for further reference. Dry firing is vitally important but this must always be done safely; live ammunition must be stored far from your train area. Learn or practice the things you are weak at, this will make you a more well-rounded shooter.”

Hoppy’s current race gun setup: Honcho Race Ready in the Open configuration, shooting 38sc.

In his free time, Hoppy enjoys training young and new shooters, photography and travel.