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New Member

Eric Hagan

Eric has been shooting competitively since August of 2015. Since then, he’s competed in over 200 USPSA matches, a few steel matches, and a handful of 3 Gun and USPSA MultiGun matches.

Eric enjoys shooting Open Division as well as PCC here and there for fun. His favorite match to shoot is the Riverbend Gun Club which holds a local match monthly that is always full, fun and challenging. Although it’s only a local match, it’s managed like a state sectional every month. This range has a great group of people, doing awesome things, so he loves to support them and enjoy that match every time he can.

Eric’s advice for new shooters:
Practice fundamentals, they make everything complex easier to take on.

Eric’s current race gun setup is a Commander length 2011 open gun in 9 major with an EVO grip… of course.

In his free time, Eric likes to hunt big game, hang out with his family, and fix things.