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Dillen Easley

2 Years

Dillen has been shooting professionally for 5 years, but has become much more serious over the past few years. Since then, Dillen has competed in 15 major matches, plus many more club matches since 2013. He primarily competes in the Tactical Optics division within 3-Gun, but have match wins in Limited/TacIrons, Open, and Tactical Optics at various levels of competition. He likes variety in matches, shooting both bay based matches and larger natural terrain matches.

“In 3-Gun, I get the pleasure of shooting a variety of guns, and with various sponsors I get a chance to request changes and alterations to parts and guns.” Dillen’s current pistol setup is the Honcho 3-Gun.

His advice for new shooters is, “Find the approachable shooters who are winning or competing to win, and ask them for advice. Take that advice and run with it. They’ve already spent thousands of dollars to find out what works, and what doesn’t in regards to gear and technique.” In his free time, Dillen enjoys spending time with his 3 kids who are in TaeKwonDo that love heading to the farm. While there he has his own private range and all of the outdoor activities they can dream up. He lives in the city now, but loves his time in the country where he can enjoy the most freedom.