Stop Aiming. Start Shooting.

Stop Aiming. Start Shooting.

The first thing instructors usually tell you is to focus on the sight, squeeze the trigger, pin the trigger to the rear, then release the trigger and try to relax. This is decent advice if you intend to shoot solely for accuracy. In our world, however, we need to be fast. We want to hit the target, but we also want to do it with speed. For this reason, the first thing you should learn how to do is pull the trigger without moving the gun. You don’t even need to load the gun. You don’t need a target, either. You need to be able to fire the gun without altering the direction the gun is pointing because until you can do that, aiming is utterly meaningless. If you’re looking at that front sight and aiming, then you go to shoot and you jerk the gun five inches long and four inches low, it doesn’t matter what you were aiming at to begin with. It’s useless to focus on aiming until you have mastered shooting the gun without moving the gun.

So how can you practice this? It’s pretty straight forward, actually. Start off by holding the gun firmly. At this time, you don’t even need to raise the gun to eye level. Keep the gun low and practice cycling the gun without moving the gun. You will probably notice how simple it is to keep the gun stationary. This is because you’re not aiming. Now grip the gun firmly again, this time extending it and pointing it at the target, ignoring the sights, and pull the trigger. DO NOT AIM! You should find that the gun is once again not moving. Now it’s time to shoot a few shots at the target. Point the gun towards the target again but do not take time to aim. The target is only 4 or 5 yards away, you’re going to hit it! The only way you’re going to miss that target is if you jerk the gun and if you aim, that’s exactly what you’re going to do! You’re going to push or pull or flinch and that’s exactly what we don’t want.

The key is to focus about 30% of your attention on the visual and the rest on feeling the trigger. You don’t want to focus entirely on making the dot motionless or seeing a perfectly clear dot. If you can squeeze that trigger without moving the gun, at least your shot will go where the gun was pointed! There are really only three things that you have to remember. Hold the gun tight and don’t try to relax, point the gun at the target where you want to hit it, and pull the trigger as fast as you can without moving. It’s not easy but it is simple, which means the more you practice it, the easier it will get.

Learn these habits early because if you don’t, you’re going to have to unlearn some bad habits down the road. If you’re new to shooting and you’ve just read this article, you’re in luck! We may have just saved you a lot of extra work!

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