Limited Edition Grip Drop- The Vyllain

Limited Edition Grip Drop- The Vyllain

These special projects commemorate unique events, partnerships and push the boundaries of creativity and design. Our drops sell out fast, and once they’re gone, there’s no guarantee we will bring them back! 

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*Vyllain Grips are NOT designed for our model firearms. They will fit. But a significant amount of blending will be required on the back strap. If you are looking for a Pro Grip for your H-Series, Morph or Honcho, contact us for options!


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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✓ Vyllain Grip – *Que Suspenseful Music 

✓ Matching Mainspring Housing 

✓ Magazine Release – Black Cerakote

✓ Made in the USA


Vyllain Grips will fit our firearms but there will be a decent amount blending required

Not compatible with Bul Armory pistols

The older style STI frames may require more fitting.

Stock polymer trigger shoes may be slightly loose in the grip.


Additional information




You will have to wait for them to drop to see!


Nighthawk, Staccato, Prodigy. Vyllain Grips are not designed for our model firearms. They will fit. But a significant amount of blending will be required on the back strap.


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