The Honcho – Race Ready Model


The Honcho

The one and only. The highly anticipated. The super respected. The Honcho. Is it an Open Gun or Limited Gun? The answer is yes to both. The Honcho by Phoenix Trinity features groundbreaking, patent pending, link less barrel technology and a completely Loctite FREE firearm that allows you to shoot different calibers (40S&W, 9MM and .38SC) and DIVISIONS with the same gun while at the range!  Which means you’re looking at a double stack that can do a lot more than the one you have now. That alone is worth its weight in gold. As you can see, The Honcho is not one of your everyday pistols. Add in the fact that every part is designed and created in-house by the master machinists at Phoenix Trinity, and you can’t go wrong! Each part is machined to incredibly tight tolerances to ensure the highest quality firearm possible, giving you an absolute edge against your competition. Made by the best, for the best. The HONCHO is the best double stack for sale today, without a question.

Everything You Need

The Honcho – Race Ready model features:

✓ Complete Pistol built on a PT Long Dust Cover Frame

✓ Stainless EVO Grip w/ Aluminum EVO Magwell

✓ 40cal ONE Piece Barrel with Sight Block with Integrated Front Sight

✓ 9mm ONE Piece Barrel with 3 Port Compensator

✓ 9mm ONE Piece Barrel with Sight Block with Integrated Front Sight

✓ 38sc One Piece Barrel with 3 Port Compensator

✓ Black DLC Finish

✓ Frame Mount 

✓ Rear Iron Sight Plate

✓ Slide Racker

✓ Shielded Ambi Safety

Everything You Need to Make Your Friends Jealous

The only options available for the Honcho Race Ready Model are:

  • Custom Serial Number

Any other desired changes, visit the Honcho Race Shop

 *Optic not included*

*** Shoot multiple divisions and calibers, with less recoil and more accuracy with the innovative, patent-pending Honcho. Built with PT parts, the most trusted double stack parts on the planet. ***

All Honchos are shipped in a Compact, 2 Layer Hard Case, and DO NOT include any magazines.

Our No Hassle Warranty

Phoenix Trinity Firearms is committed to providing you with the highest quality firearms and parts on the market. We 100% stand behind all of our products that have not been altered and have been properly maintained and care for.

*** We currently ship domestically only. International orders can be shipped to a U.S. Based Exporter. Contact Us for Ordering and Information ***

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Refund Policy

All sales are final and no refunds will be provided. But DON’T WORRY! We back all of our products 100%. We will always warranty any defective product.

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