Prep: The Night Before a Match

Prep: The Night Before a Match

You’ve been practicing for weeks or longer: dry firing, hitting the range, local matches, etc. Finally, the moment is almost here. Tomorrow is match day, but are you ready? Here are a few tips that may help you to go to bed with some peace of mind.


What’s the best way to get your ammo to the match? Try carrying ammo in a gun case. Remove the foam insert from the bottom and leave the foam on the top. This makes the ammo easy to carry and prevents the ammo from leaking from boxes and going everywhere. We’ve found this to be a very efficient way to get your ammo to the match. This is also a great way to travel with your ammo internationally as it is TSA compliant.


Don’t forget your eyes and ears! Without eye and ear protection you can’t shoot!


You’ll probably get hungry and thirsty during the competition. Bring a soft sided cooler with you filled with drinks and snacks like nuts and beef jerkey. This will keep you fully hydrated and energized for the competition.


Planning on recording yourself shooting? Prep your camera gear. Make sure everything is fully charged and that you bring a charger to keep it that way. The last thing you want is to shoot the best stage of your life only to realize your GoPro was dead. Furthermore, when you’re stressed about your camera not being charged, it’s a huge distraction and can actually ruin your match if you let it. Charge it!


Lay out all of your clothes. It helps to see it all laid out to make sure there isn’t anything you forgot. One pair of underwear for a three day match promises to get you some sideways looks from anyone standing in your vacinity on the last day of shooting.

Your Rig

Have your rig set up and ready to go with some empty mags so you can dry fire in the morning. A little extra practice will have you warm and confident before you even get to the match.


Some ideas of other things to bring: grip chalk/gel, hats, rain gear, shooting shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, umbrella for sun shade, hand warmers, cart, first aid kit, spare parts kit, tools, knee pads, scope batteries, and ear batteries.


Thanks for reading! Have some tips of your own? Leave them in the comments below!