Deven Williams

Deven Williams

3 Years

Deven has been a member of Team Trinity for roughly 3 years. However, Deven has always had a place in our little family since he was about 11 years old. We were present at Devens’ first ever USPSA match when he was shooting Production with a Glock 19. Since then, we’ve come to like the not so little guy anymore. Deven, who now stands at 6’6″ tall is an all around great kid, and one heck of a shooter!

Deven is the 2018 US IPSC National Junior Champion, and most recently, the 2019 USPSA National Junior Champion. It was an honor to watch this young man at the 2019 USPSA Nationals achieve one his goals!

The best piece of advice Deven could give new shooters would be to..”try and gain as much knowledge as possible by listening to others.”

Devens’ favorite gun setup is a Honcho Race Ready.