Chris Workman

Chris Workman

2 Years

Chris Workman has been on Team Trinity since July of 2019. Chris has shot 100s of matches in USPSA and 3GUN. Currently Chris shoots Open and PCC. He actually started off shooting a little USPSA and got pretty heavy into 3gun for a while. But once 3GN Nation died it kind of killed the competitiveness for him.

Chris’ advice to new shooters is “Ego is not your amigo. What I mean by that dont let your ego take over and prevent you from beginning your shooting journey. I’ve seen a lot of guys come out to a match and get embarrassed. And they fail to come back. Everyone has to start somewhere. If i had advice for myself back then as a young guy, I’d tell myself to start asap. Didnt matter what your skill level was. The thing about shooting sports is I’ve met so many awesome people that are so willing to help you in any capacity. Advice, coaching, even loaning strangers and fellow competitors $6,000 open guns. So dont be scared. Dont let the fear of embarrassment prevent you from going to a match. Risk of failure is there but necessary for success and growth.”

Workmans’ favorite gun setup is a Honcho Race Ready.

Chris likes to shoot most of his free time. He does have his FFL and SOT and runs a side business selling guns and silencers. But to decompress from work he does like hog and bird hunting when he can get out. He will also get out and swim, paddle board, kayak on the river close by. He likes to work out and road bike to stay in shape as well.