Win Half Off a Honcho!

The Honcho 1911 Double Stack - Race Ready model.

Win Half Off a Honcho!

The 2018 USPSA Optics National Championship is fast approaching! The match will feature three independent National Championships, October 20-28, 2018 in Polk County, the heart of Florida. Phoenix Trinity will be competing in the Open Division which will be shooting October 20-22. Luckily, we live right down the road.

As you probably know, we here at Phoenix Trinity like to make things interesting. We’re offering every shooter who uses an EVO Grip the opportunity to win 1/2 OFF a Honcho. The rules? Well, it’s pretty straight forward. Win high overall in Open or Limited at the Nationals using an EVO Grip and we’ll give you half off a Honcho. That’s a prize worth $3,425. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Show up with your EVO, shoot well, win, and win again.

Make sure to check out the Honcho while you’re there to get a good idea of just how amazing this prize really is. Just walk up to any member of the Phoenix Trinity team and they’ll be happy to let you take a look.

If you haven’t registered for Nationals yet, the bad news is that the match is currently full. However, you can register for the wait list in case someone decides to back out.

Good luck!