H-series Optic Plate Installation

H-Series Optic Plate Installation. Due to varying dimensions of optics and screw heads, to ensure proper fit so that the screws do not bottom out on the slide and damage the optic plate, please check the following:

1. Before installing optic plate to slide. 2.Put the optic on the plate. 3.Install the screws. 4.Make sure the screws do not stick out past the bottom of the plate.

If they do: 1.Mark the screws at the bottom of the plate. 2.Remove the screws from the optic plate. 3.Trim the screws a little above the mark. 4. Reinstall the screws. 5. Make sure the screws do not protrude past the bottom of the optic plate. 6. Reinstall optic plate on the slide.

Screws that attach the Plate to the Slide, we recommend getting them finger tight then going 1/8 turn past or 20 in/Ibs. Screws that attach the Optic to the Plate, we recommend tightening them to 7 in/Ibs and applying blue loctite (on these screws only).

**Some mechanical inch/pound wrenches can kick back and cause the screw to loosen over time. You should check the screws periodically to ensure they are not coming loose. **Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold Phoenix Trinity harmless for any liability, damages and injuries arising out of this transaction and VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ANY AND ALL LOSS, RISKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR PURCHASER’S OWN SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS ARISING OUT OF ANY PRODUCT, SERVICE, PART OR ITEM, PURCHASED. INSTALLED, OR THE USE THEREOF.