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Double Stack 1911 Grip – Why EVO?

Double Stack 1911 Grip – Why EVO?

If you shoot high capacity 1911 pistols competitively, then there is a good chance you have heard of the EVO Grip. The Evo Grip is known around the country for being the best double stack 1911 grip available. Many end up purchasing an Evo Grip for their setup based off of word of mouth alone. After all, when you hear everybody and their grandma talking about Evo Grips and how great they are compared to any other double stack 1911 grip, it only makes sense to get one for yourself. We’ve got a few more good reasons to get yourself one, so if you’re still on the fence, keep reading.


The Texture

The texture on the Evo is quite aggressive, it is a grip after all. Although for some it does take some getting used to, once your hand adjusts, the grip sticks to your hand and feels very secure. The EVO will stay with you through any rain or sweat that nature can throw at you.



The Evo is designed to fit in your hand just right, allowing your hands to grip in a more natural position with 365 degree contour. It is designed to feel like an extension of your hand. Your hand will wrap around the grip seamlessly, which helps to prevent fatigue, keeping you focused on the task at hand.


Build Quality

Your Evo Grip is built by the best in the industry using some of the best equipment available, so you can rest assured that it will last. It’s also not made of plastic, which means you can stop breaking grips at the worst possible time. 100% machined in the USA out of solid titanium for strength, weight reduction and longevity. Because the EVO is a single piece double stack 1911 grip, it offers strength and flex resistance that can’t be matched by multi-piece metal grips.

>> Check out the Evo <<

“Great products! They have definitely given me a competitive advantage. The EVO grip fits my hand perfectly and I never lose my grip no matter how much I sweat.”

Wally Burbage

“Best 2011 parts on the planet. Period! For those who want the ultimate race gun.”

Art Jensen

“Top quality product and a group of people who really seem to be ALL ABOUT the shooters!”

Payton Sauter

“The Most Gripping Grip On Earth.”

Gerry Andika Djaya Putra

“Best grips available for your 2011 pistol. I’ve added the shielded safety to each gun as well, and no more issues with my thumb slowing the slide down.”

Dillen Easley

“Not much to say but an awesome product and people !! Love my evo grip.”

Greg Guido

“Waiting and getting every part they make for my 2011 build was well worth it in the end… I could not be happier with the quality and craftsmanship!”

John Clausen

“The best stainless steel grips I’ve ever put my hand on. The customer service is second to none.”

Jay Graham

“I went from a plastic grip nobody, to a youtube sensation overnight, and I hadn’t even installed it yet!! No seriously be a man (or whatever you identify as) and pony up.”

Tom Carlson

“I checked the slide and frame rails before fitting they are perfectly straight, great job Phoenix Trinity.”

Jeffrey Abernathy

“Amazing cool grips… and your safety is state of the art.”

Andreas Mitschke

“Just got my second frame. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Awesome service, and great prices.”

Daniel Luxich

The flattest race gun I have ever shot!

Chris Keen

I was able to put 5 bullets into a 3/4″ inch paster @ 15yrds!

Ben West

Honcho is an incredible firearm and extremely smooth and flat.

Josh Luinstra

I was looking at other custom shops, and really don’t think you can compare the Honcho for value.

Nathan Lindeman

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