Concealed Carry: Double Stack vs Single Stack

The Honcho 1911 Double Stack - Race Ready model.

Concealed Carry: Double Stack vs Single Stack

You compete and you concealed carry. You shoot Open with a double stack, but should you concealed carry one as well? It’s definitely worth some consideration being that both double stacks and single stacks each have their own benefits and shortcomings. You want to use the right tool for the job. Maybe this article can help. (or maybe not)

Do You Need the Double Stack Capacity?

The double stack was invented with the idea of increasing carrying capacity. Since the double-stack magazine holds more rounds, it obviously offers more firepower to the person carrying it. But do you actually need it? This is the the real question. Most defensive shootings take place at a very close range, with very few shots fired into one assailant. The ordeal is usually over quite quickly. Do you really need more rounds than that? Probably not. You’ll likely only need 3-4 rounds. Unless, of course, you end up needing more than that. There are accounts of people emptying an entire revolver into an offender from almost point blank range and barely slowing them down. Police officers have emptied entire magazines into suspects with almost no effect. You just do not know what is going to happen if you get into a self defense situation. You might not need to fire more than a few shots, or you might need to fire a lot of them. You never know…

Single Stack Is Very Popular For Concealment

The single-stack subcompact auto is the concealed carry pistol of the modern era. Small single stack guns are so popular because they’re easy to conceal. Of course a double stack can be concealed as well, just not quite as easily. A single stack usually comes in at one inch or less in width and clings closer to the body than a gun that is 1.2 inches or wider would. Body type also comes into play. A larger frame and broad shoulders and perhaps a few extra pounds will help you to conceal a double-stack compact. The average male or female, however, might have some issues keep a double stack on them without causing discomfort. Double stacks are also heavier, which means more to lug around.

So Which One Should I CC?

There is no perfect weapon for concealed carry and there is no cookie cutter solution either. Each person is different and their needs will vary based upon several factors like height, weight, build, and shooting preference. Our aim here is not to tell you which gun you should CC, but to help you to ask the right questions when you’re shopping for the perfect CC for YOU. What matters the most to you? If you’re an average to smaller sized human and you want to be comfortable, then you should consider the smaller single stack as an option. If you’re more concerned with having extra ammo, just in case, then maybe the double stack is the way to go. However, the most important thing to remember is the reason you are concealed carrying in the first place. You may need to defend yourself. Whether it’s a single or a double stack, make sure you can shoot it! It’s not worth a damn if you can’t hit anything with it!