The Morph utilizes the same PATENTED link-less technology and PATENTED interchangeable Breech Block system as the Honcho.

How it Works

Our Patented technology is easy to use! Simply disassemble the upper of the Firearm, Take out the guide rod and recoil spring, replace with Barrel of choice and appropriate Breech Block, and Reassemble. No Locktite is required which makes changing barrels quick and easy, even on the go!

Step 1 - Disassemble Upper

Step 2 - Change out the barrel and breech blocks (if changing caliber)

Step 3 - Reassemble and shoot



Manufactured in the USA from 100% Bar Stock

We have been making the best parts in the shooting industry for over 10 years!

We require material and heat treat certifications from our suppliers and vendors

Over 25 years of aerospace, firearms and medical parts machining experience

100% of the parts we make are machined in our facility

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